About David G Jorgensen

As Vice Chairman of the Free to Choose Network, David G. Jorgensen takes part in the organization’s annual Winning Ideas Weekend, an event that provides a fun setting in which teachers, families, and students can share ideas that promote free and prosperous societies. A highlight of the event is presentation of David and Annette Jorgensen Award for Excellence, which honors teachers who have used Freedom of Choose Network’s educational materials in the classroom. David G. Jorgensen strongly believes in the value of personal freedoms, and to that end, also involves himself in the Pacific Legal Foundation, which encourages citizens to stand up for individual rights. Jorgensen serves on National Philanthropy award. David G. Jorgensen’s entrepreneurial spirit first showed itself in the 1960s, and he went on to establish numerous ventures, including a computer monitoring company, a college textbook publishing firm, and a steel products business. Jorgensen eventually joined Dataquest Inc. of San Jose, California, where he helped grow the market research company for high-technology firms into a $40 million business and was eventually promoted to CEO. In 1979, Jorgensen co-founded what became a hugely successful endeavor, the office supply company Katun Corporation. When he sold Katun in 2002, David G. Jorgensen had grown Katun into an international presence with $350 million in sales. Jorgensen contributed to that growth by continually forming new partnerships, opening new facilities, and introducing new products to the market. David G. Jorgensen holds a Master of Science in Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from the University of Washington in Seattle. Jorgensen currently resides in Portola Valley, California. When he has free time, he enjoys golfing and playing tennis, as well as traveling. He also considers himself a student of economics as well as history.

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