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Raising Children Who Can Think for Themselves is Critical to the Future of America

David G. Jorgensen, the Vice Chairman of the Pennsylvania-based non-profit organization, Free to Choose, advocates an educational approach for students based on reasoning and reliable information. Free to Choose encourages students to analyze issues that affect the world as a means to protect liberty and enhance knowledge. The organization places emphasis on learning about historical events and societal changes from knowledgeable experts, debating different viewpoints, and reflecting on the meaning and importance of episodes that shaped the world experience. By becoming participants in their own education, students foster critical thinking skills and develop enhanced knowledge and understanding of their world. Free to Choose promotes in-depth study by encouraging students to read and listen to discourse on subjects by experts. Students develop personal opinions by actively learning rather than passively listening.

Free To Choose Network

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The non-partisan Free to Choose network offers access to some of the world’s most celebrated people and their ideas in an entertaining format. Designed to provide delivery of information without political or social bias, Free to Choose includes content on topics such as history, economics, and constitutionality.

Before retirement, David G. Jorgensen was the CEO of Dataquest and the co-founder of Katun. For more information, please visit and


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A Discussion about Market Research Companies

David G. Jorgensen joined the Silicon Valley-based market research firm Dataquest, Inc., in 1972. Having been the Executive Vice President of Computer Synectics and worked for Stanford Research Institute and The Boeing Company, Jorgensen benefited Dataquest with his knowledge in business and technology. Dataquest was founded in 1971 by David Norman and had a professional staff of Stanford MBAs and engineers with advanced degrees. The company provided high tech companies and institutional investors with market research services. Mr. Jorgensen has a MSIE from Stanford University, an MBA from the University of Washington, and a BSEE from the University of Utah. He was a co-founder and Chairman of Katun Corporation.

Market research companies have performed crucial roles for businesses for many decades. The term “market research” encompasses many activities, and firms such as Dataquest often act in a consultancy role for corporations by analyzing the local competition, consumer bases, and trends. By studying others in the industry, marketing research firms can teach clients about what has worked for similar entities as well as what has failed. When seeking to understand consumers, market researchers utilize a number of tactics such as focus groups and questionnaires.

In focus groups, guides present a cross-section of potential buyers with a product, such as a physical device or something intangible like an advertisement, and gather their thoughts on the item. These instructors also ask pointed questions depending on what the firm or the client wants to learn. Finally, trends play a crucial function in the success of any business. Externals such as politics, the economy, and social norms all affect a customer’s buying decisions while remaining outside of a company’s control. An awareness of current situations and potential future developments allows businesses to keep up-to-date and prepare accordingly.

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